new spider (pics)


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i went and got it yesterday

it is not red that is the heat lamp light. it is tan in color.
here is were we put it its on the top.

and Gary decided to breed meal worms again i thought the bugs look cool so here is a pic

when i was at the pet shop they have a cobalt blue tran. that they have had for a yr now they are bugging me to buy it. but im not sure if i am up to another fast aggressive tran. i just found an awesome forum for trans. and am waiting for approval but have read others post and pics they have way more knowledge than me.


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Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. I'm not into spiders, but I've managed to come to appreciate my dh's snakes and have a few lizards of my own. I noticed you too have snakes. I didn't want to be a thread hog posting pics of ours, but will gladly post them is you want to see them.


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Looks awesome.. not a spider fan of course, but the pictures are cool, as long as they are nowhere near me!


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it is big when it is more settled in i will try and get a pic with something to show its size.

yes i have one snake and Gary has 4 the 3 you see in that pic are his. i also have a night anole, and crested gecko. my tegu died last yr. i would love to see pics of your snakes.

i would love to some day have a frilled lizard they are cool.


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Quintuple ewwwwwwwwww!
I fear I need drinks to face your menagerie!!! :tequila:

Glad he/she is yours!!! ;) - but happy you finally got what you have been pining for.


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Not afraid of spiders, but they're not my cuppa...
The snakes are awesome, though :D


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Let me go on record here that ANY NN'er is welcome at my house but I gotta tell ya...if you come you beter leave that thing at home!!!
Quadruple EWWWWWWWW!!!


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lol i just love watching them when they move any ways. you can also find me sitting on the ground watching bugs in the yard. the only things that creep me out is maggots and centipedes.

i should tell you all that i like spiders but am terrified of webs


Very nice setup. Definitely get my applause for how clean the set up is, that takes work. Congrats on your new crawly!


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I am petrified of spiders. I am now completely freaked out.


Please don't let it get away!

KS Newf

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What a beautiful creature. I could not do this, but I admire you for seeing the beauty in a creature that I am terrified of, but doubtless, has its place in the scheme of life. . . but not in my house! :) So glad you got your new friend.