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  • Thanks Jen, the Muppet can be my #3 (from a distance) xxooxx, make sure you pass it on to him!
    im not sold on why you all hate the slobber thing. Im trying to join in with your angry comments but i just dont see it. someone make an honest argument.
    I'm all confused. Is she the one banned? If so, big oops. I thought based on the replies, everything was over and done with. I thought based on the replies, she was in a sense, vindicated. THat's why I lurked, said nothing, till it was all over. You can ask a mod to remove it?
    I just wanted to write you a quick note to say thanks for your input on Zeus & your well wishes... and also to let you know that your site (newf-friends) is absolutely adorable. I fell in love with Bernie - when it comes time for me to adopt a newfie i'll be coming your way... haha zeus & titan are full of love to share :)
    Damn, I miss your Birthday.....Sorry!
    :music::new_smilie_colors1::music:Happy Birthday Lady!!!!:music::new_smilie_colors1::music:
    Well now - i's your birthday!!! What do you have planned? Suppose there will be some 'bending of the elbow'. Bend a few for me!

    Happy Birthday - and many more.

    Deb & Thule
    :new_smilie_colors1:Happy B-Day to You!!!! :wave:Make sure Mr. Murphy gives you some kisses to brighten your day! :D
    :music: Happy Birthday to you :music: Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu :music: Happy Birthday Dear Jen:music: Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu :music: :kiss: Annabelle :kiss: Tessa and :kiss: Katy Have a great day from Ronnie
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