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  • Thank you very much, it has been soooo busy training here, but we are having fun :)
    Wishing you a very happy birthday Lori! Mila's really coming along nicely with her recovery so maybe sometime this fall we can meet up and Mila can give you belated birthday smoochies!
    HI Lori,
    Well FINALLY I have something to update you on..
    We (Mary L) have been in contact with Farleys owners since you informed us of this situation. I can tell you that things were not good. Suggestions were given, and as much advice as possible. Then we heard nothing. Touched base again to try and see if we could make sure that Farley was not going to be passed around AGAIN.
    Now his owners have reported as of yesterday that they are keeping him. Seems they have contacted an animal behavioralist, and things are turning around. Well at least that is the story that is being given. So Mary of course left the door open for any future need. Just wished you to know. Hope things are well.
    Hi Cissy,
    Did Farley's owner reply at all? I was going to email him but I didn't want to mess anything up for rescue. If he's giving the dog away for free, why wouldn't he want rescue to get him? I don't understand people. Rescue has the experience to know what could possibly be his problems and get him the help he needs and ultimately the home he needs.
    Hi Lori,
    Just wanted you to know that I spoke with Mary P. this afternoon. She had sent more info to the owner of Farley(this morning) and was waiting to hear back. So far no further word has come to me. I will keep you posted IF I hear anything more.
    Hi Cissy,
    You are welcome. I actually have an app for my phone for Craigslist that notifies me when the word "Newfoundland" is posted. I really hope rescue gets this boy. It sounds like he is just maturing and needs some stability in his life. Too many changes for him, poor guy. If you need any help, please let me know.
    Hi Lori,
    Just got home and saw this. Mary emailed me in regards to it. I will wait to see if a response is sent to Mary then I will proceed from there. THANK YOU so much for monitoring these lists. I have not checked those sites but do some of the others. I appreciate your watchful eye.
    Ha! My grass only appears to be a bit greener than most yards in the area right now just because my husband just resodded and reseeded all of Mila's urine burn damage!
    I said it once..I'll..say it again..grab the cake slice..with the most decoration..it's a fun thing to 'play' a bit..at all ages..enjoy! ina
    Whoops..and always remember..on a birthday..take the big piece of cake..with the extra roses..no one dares..complain!! ;) ina
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