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  • Thank you for the lovely Birthday wishes. My sons arrived from Toronto at the end of my choir rehearsal last night. They came in with John and Tiika to join in singing Happy Birthday! I was so surprised to see them! Then we came home and had presents and Birthday Cake. It was such a non-birthday until then! They've already left to go back to Toronto. Steve has to work this evening.
    Good to know. Sounds like you are very experienced. I am now where near that level. Just advanced open water. Someday though...
    Oh sweet! Do you happen to have your Master Dive instructor or cave instructor cert? That's next on my list, cave diving. Totally would be awesome. Man, I might have to make a trip back to Fl after I retire. Then again, that is where the military is going to send me.
    Oh, no fair. That should be some incredible diving. The only places I've ever been are a few lakes, off of west palm beach, Ft Lauderdale, Key West, and the best one ever...the Red Sea. Absolutely stunning. Got to dive with a school of hammerhead sharks. I haven't been for quite some time though...shame.
    46 candles..on a cake..and ..skipping down the beach at 10 min. till midnight.. ;) Think about it..it might just be a blast and half..esp. with a few friends along to perch on driftwood..and..share the cake!
    hey, thanks for the tip! she did a great job. it's always good to know where there are good photographers! I don't know how Riki will do with a photographer, she kinda freaks out just when I take a pic with my iphone but eventually I will like to get some pics of her. Ben is just gorgeous and it looks like he was easy to photoshoot. you luk mavehlous too!!
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