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  • Don't need to be purebred, as long as they look pretty "newfie".

    Deadline is end of August.

    Be sure to take them on high resolution setting (you'll get fewer pics on your memory card, but they will be bigger files...this is what I need to reproduce the photos on a large calendar page.).

    Spend all day celebrating the joys of Birthday..n scattering fun..well into the new week too! :) ina
    :music: Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu :music: Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu :music: Happy Birthday Dear Terrie :music: Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuu :music:
    From Ronnie, Annabelle, Tessa (Tugs twin :lol:) and lots of slobbery :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: from Katy Bear
    Since I'm unaffiliated with any particular faith and a bit of a druid from my Irish hertitage, "Blessed be" is a lovely way to cover all spiritual possibilities.
    As a puppy, Buddy looked a lot like a Newfy as a puppy, which leads me to believe that he is at least part Newf, but there is no way to tell. He was seized from a home with too many dogs as a puppy and I got him at the SPCA. All I know is my next pup will be purebred with papers, but for now, he fills our family out quite nicely.
    I don't know what Buddy is mixed with, but i've been told a lab is most likely (and certainly a popular dog to mix things with in our area). He looks like a very large flat coat retriever, but he is just starting to fill out now. Either way, i'm pretty sure he's mixed..
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