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  • What a GREAT thought! I've laughed all day about Tristan and Isolde! (more like Dave and Dave, lol!!!) But how TRUE is your sentiment. I rejoice at what I was priviledged enough to witness, doubt I'll see it again in my lifetime. But I'll call Justin's Dad and get these two together again for as often as possible, and see what comes of it.

    We who adore dogs are paid back in solid gold. Thanks for writing!!
    Hello Emmy Lou, just to let you know that most of those pictures are scanned in via my scanner, because I really only have digital pics of Tessa and Annabelle. I scanned in a tonne of pics and sent them to webshots..........There are two reasons, one to be able to post and two to have them forever as we live in fire country and they would be irreplaceable........You do such a splendid job with rescue, Bless you and your hubby for being such caring people. I hope all goes well for Ron during his Cardiac Angio :hugs: Ronnie
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