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  • Yeh I have missed all the updates! I will have to get some more pictures posted it has been a while!! I keep popping in to have a glance around and make sure everyone is well!! xx:)
    Wow! Congrats! He's so cute! And well, Lola and Sophie are just adorable too! Your property is just made for newfs though with the water right in your back yard! Looking forward to seeing them all growing up together.
    Kelly -- I haven't been keeping up on here for a while...and well, I just saw a mention of Ty in one of your replies?! Do you have another new puppy?!!! I must have missed that post!
    Greeting:) I just sent ( or tried to) a PM to Thule's mom re: food allergies. I consulted with a food rep today and began a transition. I understand it will take up to 8 weeks to learn if this is effective. Next step is an allergist. Thanks, Kim
    Jack and Kelly
    Saw the pic's of your new puppy, Donna and I have started to look for a little sister for Brinkley, we to, are looking for a female landseer. I have contacted a breeder in upstate New York about one. Before we rush into anything I would like to ask if the breeder you are using has anymore from the litter or if there were others that you checked into that might give us a lead.
    Thanks James Mote
    PS. Jolene is too!!! cute for words,
    Oh thanks! Today is her 6 month b-day too...I need to get on the ball with getting some photos uploaded. She's keeping me busy!
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