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  • Hi Wayne,
    I did it ....(finally), I can't thank-you enough for your help!!! Will see if our daughter will take some better pic's of Chloe and Dirk this weekend, I may be calling on your help again if that's okay.
    Have a great day,
    The collar I was sent was not as advertised so I am returning it. They sent me a collar without the easy-latch mechanism. Taking this collar off involves separating the links and it is cumbersome, I only used it for one day. The supplier is supposed to be sending me the correct model. When that comes I'll use it with Harley on a regular basis.
    Hi Wayne, Thanks for the comments on the pictures of the springs. All of the springs in this area and the Ocala system and Silver Springs are connected by way of the Florida aquifer. It really is a beautiful area.
    She is about the same weight as Annabelle, small girls.......Our vet bill for check, injections and heartworm was $305.00 with a discount. Heartworm goes on wieght they tell me, so I am glad she is a light weight......Do you do heat worm. I hate all the chemicals in their system, but we had a dog die of heartworm in the early seventies and it is dreadful......Ronnie
    Thanks Wayne, they are special. They are both certified Hospice therapy dogs and are very good at it. They are really mellow and sweet. Ben just adores Maya. It is so fun to watch them together. I think Maya did alot of the training for me with Ben.
    I hope you have an amazing birthday and that Chloe gives you lots and lots of birthday kisses! :)

    Whoop it up! :music:
    :groovy: :groovy:
    :music: :groovy: Happy Birthday my Friend :groovy: :music:......From your friends in Australia
    Khabo is doing well! His swelling is down even more. I called the surgeon and left a message about the "incident" and the bleeding last night. She was in the Operating room, so I'm waiting for a call back. But, it looks like it didn't set anything back, at least from the outside. Whew!
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