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  • I finally got it! I kept getting the dreaded red x. You can choose what size but the address is to long so I just copied the bottom part of it and it seems to work. Thanks
    From what I can see so far the new picture page just post one link and it's a medium size.I like posting large so I went to Q&A and click on opt out of New page design and everything goes back to the way it's always been.
    Yes she did.Thanks.Got her needles Vet checked heart lungs the usual.Got off east only $88. LOL She weighs 97.6 lbs.
    You really did well.To post a picture open it in flickr then click all sizes and copy the URL below the picture.Then come back to your post and click on the yellow box far right in tool bar for post window says"insert image" you past that URL link.clear the http so you won't have two .After you paste it click OK you should see the picture pop right in your post window. repeat process to do multiple pictures.Good luck
    I can't seem to insert the actual pictures only the links from Flickr any suggestions?
    It went GREAT. The track was actually perfect size for my 18-55. They had a bridge that I was on during practice with my 300. I was on the bridge when he crashed HARD. The track photographer asked if I got pictures and all I could tell him was "I think so but I was in shock" He was ok and we got his car fixed but I went down to the fence and I am pleased with my pics. He came in 3rd and fought a hard race with barley any practice laps. It was hard not to second guess myself with the lenses but I had told myself practice laps with my 300 and race with the other and it did go good. It took forever to upload to flickr today but I will post a link on the thread if you want to look and have any suggestion. Thanks
    The SD card come in three basic ratings a 2,4 or 6.This are crude as to meet the class they must transfer 2,4 or 6 MB per second.Cissy's Extreme III does 30 MB per second it's an awesome card.I use an Extreme II 20 MB per second.I wouldn't use anything less than a Class 4.Class 6 is better but not essential so watch for a sale.
    COOL..... You all had shifters??? That is awesome. I have never tried a shifter. I have a 125 cc Yamaha engine and USED to race in the HPV lite class. Good luck to your son, check out that card as I find it much better than just the regular ones.
    Not outlaw. He is racing in Quarter Midgets. This will be his 6th race and first on a different track.We are all really enjoying it. My husband bought all of us shifter carts but there is not really any cart tracks around here.
    I am using the one that came with the camera which is easystore 2gb. I have a 4 gb scan disk but don't know if it is extreme or not will have to check.
    Are those outlaw karts??? Just wondering as I used to race karts in the Midwest Sprint series... Do you have a FAST memory card for your D60? I have one from San Disk called EXTREME lll it is 30 MB's and is 4GB or 8GB. It provides a faster response and gives me a cleared pic. in lower lighting and faster motion. Just a tidbit from me.
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