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  • Hi Wayne, we are in Waterdown. My fiance actually grew up in St. Catarines so we know the niagra area well!
    Thanks Wayne! She is snoring at my feet :) Hopefully, she will be back to her self this weekend.
    I know, but she is up to mischief all the time......She loves the girls and they are so good with her, I am just amazed, Ronnie
    Wayne I would gladly be your friend but I do not know how to do the computer very well. Maybe you can do it for me or tell me how
    Thank you, Wayne! I love the way Meg captured the look on Lulu's face. That's my GIRL!
    Billy's beak can do some damage for sure, but she is a sweat heart, just learn to read her moods & you will keep your fingers. Spike, on the other hand is always perfectly behaved, both birds get along, we keep them in the same cage. Billy is over 27 yrs, Spike is over 17. The dogs are afraid of the birds, except for Tiki, the puppy. The birds do not know what to make of Tiki, they think he is supposed tobe afraid of them like the other 2, he is just to brave for his own good!
    :ah: AHHHHHH :ah:

    I think I'll keep them brown thank you very much. :D

    You did a great job with it...she's just adorable!
    Hi Wayne, I kinda want some outdoor pics of "Chloe and Dirk", but it's been rainy here, hopefully this weekend will be better, oh yeah I forget to mention that I'll try using a better camera, hopefully this will help with quality of the pic and size, I'll let you know how it goes....I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
    Hi Wayne.........I did not know you could post comments on the album pictures. You just know all these things :) Thank you............Annabelle and tessa will follow Mike anywhere. We love that log.
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