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  • Thank you, thank you for the birthday wishes. We're off to Prince Edw. Island with 8 people and 13 Newfs for a week at the beach. Heaven on earth!!
    Thanks. The vet said that since they probably didn't tie there is a low chance of pregnancy. Also, being her first heat, even if they did tie there is about a 50/50 chance that it will even take. I've had two miscarriages the last year, and my hubby and I are doing everything we can to get pregnant. So if Sushi ends up pregnant and we have to spay her I will be devastated on multiple levels. I'm hoping all is well with her though, fingers crossed.
    Christy...WE DID IT! Yipee...we went first and she did wonderfully for every event...I was a bit nervous about the greet with a new dog...she did break the heel position and sniff but we shook hands and moved on and glad that's behind us! Thanks for your positive thoughts! Allise're so sweet, thank you I'm a nervous wreck...if you don't hear from me by Sunday morning...I'm hiding under a rock...LOL..
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. This is the first time I've been on the computer or I would have thanked you sooner. I am very excited because I am getting a new newfie baby in a few weeks. Can hardly wait!

    Thanks Again!
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