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  • Hey Wayne, I'm flattered to be added to your inner circle lol. I really enjoy your photography and of course....that gorgeous Ms. Chloe! I love that profile photo I hadn't seen that one before. Hope you are enjoying your summer, we finally broke 85 degrees and no rain this weekend, a first for this summer.
    Your back? Did you have a good vacation?.............The avatar is the girls after a 7mile hike, last Friday. They were so tired
    Hi! How do you get your avatar bigger? I was trying to resize mine to the 250 size on photobucket but I couldn't get it to work.
    Ah, thanks for the loon pic. I'm not a birder. Side by side can see yours is the loon, but there are some similarities.
    Annabelle and Johnno are both rescues and it is as if they know. Because they often get together, seek onanother out............They are real chums. I often worry about Annabelle, because she walks right under him. But he sofar has not injured her. he has huge feet and if he stepped on her...........But they are kind to each other, Ronnie
    It was a good day today, lots of back-burning and getting ready for lightning and wind storms of around 60-100 miles. according to the weather forecasters, but they often get it wrong. So here is to praying they get it wrong :) Ronnie
    We are all fine at present..........the firefighters are very busy getting the fire near us under control. And they tell us it is................So as long as there are no wind changes, everything is fine. though we are supposedly getting some thunder storms. we so do not need lightning strikes...............I have been amazed at how caring the NN community has been. i used to be on another forum and they were nothing like this happy caring lot
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