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  • Ha! Just as I was about to navigate away from NN you logged on! Are you all getting clobbered (hows that for an old fashioned word) with this snow storm? They predicted about 5 inches for us~so far we got about 16 or more and it is still coming down heavily. I do love winter!!!!
    Luv Ya
    See you soon!
    Nice to see you back on line~I missed seeing and chatting with you!!!

    Nice to see you!! Still planning on making the drive to Maine in a few weeks?

    Hugs to Ya

    That explains it....i was home-schooled quite a bit, we traveled a lot. And i am considered a bit alternative. My favorite magazines are permaculture and Mother Earth. So I love things earthy and beautiful, hence I love flute music......Enjoy the experience
    Hiya Sharon.....I would love to be able to go to a flute festval, like you are going to. I had a look at some of the links that were attached and played some of the bits of flute music.............Love it. I have quite a few CD's and tapes (yes tapes) of Native American flute music and also some South American (peruvian). I love flute music. It is so peaceful and true. Enjoy the Festival. I will be envious, Ronnie
    Hi Sharon,
    You asked in your e-mail if it would be ok to mention the flute festival here. It would be fine but I would be so surprised if anyone was interested. Give it a shot and see what happens. Either we'll see each other soon!! :)
    :music: happy Birthday to youuuuuu :music: Happy Birthday to youuuu :music: Happy Birthday Dear Sharonnnnnnnnnn :music: Happy birthday :music: to youuuuuuuuuuuu:music:

    Have a great Day, from Ronnie, Annabelle, Tessa and Katy
    Hi Sharon,
    I see you're on line too :) I'm on just for a quick minute. I am going to a concert with my daughters. It is west african Kora! They want to dance :)
    So much about the gathering that I did not e-mail about yet so soon I will e-mail you another book :)

    Hugs and Blessings
    Hi Sharon,
    I just read your e-mail before logging on to NN. Thank you so much!
    Guess my response to Kodysgrandma's post wasn't that great but I was just a little surprised that no sympathy/compassion was expressed.

    I'll reply to your e-mail a little later. Now I will play my flutes (prayer) and think about the family.

    Thank you for understanding. Wish I could give you a hug!
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