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  • Wayne, that first picture if Chloe is so precious. I am glad to see our dogs aren't the only ones who do that. I think you are a lot like my husband, at least in the way you treat your dogs, :) I keep telling him not to let them do that, but he spoils them rotten.

    I was really trying to get her to drool.LOL It's amazing how she'll put her head there and not try to touch my plate in ant way.My Lab was the same way ,wouldn't take anything you did give as long as you were looking that is.LOL
    How about bringing Rose down for the "See Spot Walk" this Saturday!!!!! We could all meet somewhere. Ty and Becky will be there with you know who...........
    yes the gathering is the first Saturday's of every month and 5:00pm and the Morris Hill Cemetery. They have a dog park at the south end near the Railroad tracks. Darnit this saturday is the first get together we will be missing as we are flying out to Denver for the weekend. You should come and meet everyone else though! I know Teri has been saying we should all go up to GV and have a gathering up there as well. If you know of a large spot on the water that would be newf heaven!
    I've heard a few great things about you all up in Garden Valley. Beautiful area up there. We used to go up every weekend. I can't wait to get to know you and see your wonderful dogs. There are some gals in out little newfy group that just got one of your little boys ( I'm pretty sure) and he sure is delicious!
    From our home to yours, A Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
    Teri, Eric, Abbey and Zeke
    I will let you know when the snow comes. Actually it was here the other night, not down here in Crouch but a little higher up.
    Let me know when the snow starts flying up there. We can't wait to get our two hiking in the snow.
    Sending you my email from my home. We still need to arrange a get together!
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