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  • Spend half the day enjoying the birthday fun..and the other half of the day..designing ..specialty item..THE Ultimate..Doggy Condos..for those with spacious yards..and the need to offer puppers..some lounging areas..100 %..their own...NO humans..waltzing through..nor denying them.the good stuff... ;) ina
    thanks for the heads up about the breeder in south jersey. anyway i could get the website for the breeder or an email to contact them. i appreciate your help since im a newbie i need all the direction i can get. i tried using a private message but it said u didnt accept them so just le me know!
    Billy & Spike look pretty interesting.Wow Billy's beak is quite the spike.Very nice.
    Hi, Ben here. Mom says to tell you I am 11 months old and of last week weighed 115 pounds. She is always saying how I am her big, handsome boy, sheeeesh.
    You are right! It does look like Tiki and Annie could be siblings. If it wasn't for the week in their age difference I would wonder. Weighed Annie this morning and she is up to 45 pounds. You just wonder when it will slow down. Charlie was only 24 pounds at 12 weeks and he was a boy. Good thing I like large dogs.

    How is Tiki's classes going? Annie starts her's on Monday. She needs it! She is a real pill sometimes.

    I got her from Missouri. Where did you get Tiki?

    Well, take care and please keep posting pictures!
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