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    These dogs are just too cute!

    Last night Thule and I went for a walk and met this lovely elderly lady in front of her house. She was so excited to see Thule and hugged her and kissed her and, of course, had to get some cookies to give her. Thule gave her kisses and gave paw for her cookies; they both enjoyed their meeting...
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    Recipe for homemade pill pockets

    Just came across this recipe for 'pill pockets'... Worth a try, I think! Homemade Liverwurst Pill Pockets Ingredients: 3/4 cup plain shredded wheat cereal 3 ounces Liverwurst (room temperature) 2 ounces cream cheese (room temperature) Instructions: Place shredded wheat in a bag...
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    Thule enjoying her birthday cookies

    She was quite pleased with her cookie basket from the Rowhouse Bakery... here she is going in for the big one! She doesn't know it yet, but she gets the rest of her gift on the weekend ... her spa day... somehow I don't think she'll be quite as pleased!!
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    Happy Birthday Thule!!!!

    Happy birthday to the sweetest creature ever put on this earth, my darling Thule! Happy 5 sweet girl.:kiss::kiss:
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    Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency

    This is a new one on me but apparently, it is fairly common ... from what I understand from another dog forum I'm on... someone on that forum just had a 17 month old diagnosed; had symptoms very similar to ones that we often discuss here. "old hands" probably know all about this, but I thought...
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    Pet Insurance - up date

    :crazy: :crazy: Well, I've gone from paying $65.00 per month to $95.00 per month! I was thinking about what Jen (Murphy) said, and decided to call Petsecure to see if I could get the unlimited (Secure 4) coverage. It covers so much more, including preventatives and dental... so long story short...
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    PetSecure Pet Insurance

    Well, I might regret it, but I've had it with PetSecure; as some of you may know, Thule had bi-lateral cruciate surgery in 2009. At the time, the company paid 80% of the cost, less the deductable of $100.00, for my monthly premiums of $55.00 per month. Immediately following the surgery, they...
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    Video of Landseer with new puppies

    Just came across this, quite by accident... Elsie, 2 year old landseer, is with All Breed Rescue of the Carolinas... they've posted a video; she's just given birth to her puppies.. she's still having them; she's had...
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    Chocolate Toxicity Chart

    From National Geographic.. use the slider to find the weight of your dog... especially important for all those puppies out there during the holidays...
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    Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish

    Just picked up a bag for Thule... I've been trying to get her to eat dry... because of all the food allergies... she LOVES it... I haven't had a reaction like that since Orijen (had to stop feeding because it contains carrots). The NB is much lower in fat too which is a bonus since I'm trying...
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    The Row House Dog Bakery

    The young woman that owns this had a kiosk at the Farmer's market this morning... her stuff is just so pretty! You can tell each one is make with love! Thule had a piece of the 'Organic Layer Cake" and loved it... can't wait for Christmas!
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    another Satin Ball testimonial!

    Thankfully, I've never had to give Thule Satin Balls, but a girl in my office has a 2 year old border collie with a severe "uterine" infection (I don't know much beyond that) and is on antibiotics. Jennifer was in quite the state because the dog had not eaten for going on six days and was...
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    Walk on the 'Burma Road' Signal Hill

    Well, here are a few photos from this morning... I think the girls liked the walk. Tiika taking the lead... Miss Tiika The Girls.. another Thule's had enough of that... Pretty Miss Tiika! (We didn't toss her in the pond .... for being sooooo pretty!) :yawn:
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    Avalon Kennel Club - BIS!

    Congratulations to the Jackman Family, especially Colin and Ch Aqua's Jalapeno (Schooner) on a Best-in-Show on Sunday. Awesome job guys! Schooner - I told you you were too 'sexy for your fur'!!:icon_bb:
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    Finally! (?)

    Well, after 16-17 months since the double TPLO, I think I can finally say that Thule is 100% recovered! I haven't forced her into long walks, I always thought she'd let me know when she was ready, and boy! last night she was ready! We left the house, for a normal potty walk and HRH decided...