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  • Thank you for the lovely Birthday wishes. My sons arrived from Toronto at the end of my choir rehearsal last night. They came in with John and Tiika to join in singing Happy Birthday! I was so surprised to see them! Then we came home and had presents and Birthday Cake. It was such a non-birthday until then! They've already left to go back to Toronto. Steve has to work this evening.
    52? ....ahhh..such a Puppy..ya are! ;) In the evening..enjoy the gatherings and festivitys..and, in the Midnight Hour..step outside..and give thanks for all those who..made you..and made you what you are ..Today. Cheers! ina
    Ty ( baby newf pup , aka Jack and Kelly in Eld Rapids , MI) suggested I contact you about food allergies. I hope I am using the proper forum. Our sweet Rhyani is licking her pads raw and bloody. Originally she was low thyroid...then high. I believe it is stable now. The only thing we've changed since taking her in is thyroid and diet. I spoke with a rep @ Pet People today and began transitioning her food. We will certainly take her to an allergist if needed, but Kelly thought you may have some good info to share. Thank you kindly, Kim and Tula......Rhayni and Phoebe too:)
    Thank you! Something special for sure for supper... right now, she's enjoying her partridgeberries mixed in with her kibble!
    Thank you all so much. I've had a wonderful birthday. One friend got an overnight bag for me to use when Tiika is visiting her sister or traveling with us - like to Michigan in May! She put Nfld tartan on one side of the red bag with Tiika's name embroidered on it. Another friend gave me a glass cutting board with two Newfs on it. It looks exactly like Splash trying to get her sister Tiika to play! John gave me a GPS for my van so we don't get lost going to Frankenmuth - going there is really my big 60 birthday present! I also got a wonderful set of wooden wind chimes and other miscellaneous gifts - a great day! thank you all for your good wishes.
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