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    Bodie is going tomorrow for his TPLO. I am nervous, but I always get nervous about this kind of situation. I just hope I have done the appropriate measures for him, rehab, etc. Keeping my fingers crossed all goes well!
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    Goody gumdrops!!!

    Bodie needs a TPLO! What can I look forward to? Help, suggestions and ideas are appreciated.
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    Can't get him into the car

    Here we go again. Bodie does not want to get into the car. Unfortunately, he needs cruciate surgery. I will have a consultation w/ortho vet 12/06. I am already driving myself nuts. I am sure he will need some extensive PT. How often do you bother the neighbor. I have used "high value"...
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    Removal of clipper blades

    Jeannie, I have been trying to pm you. However, since I am so bad on this machine, I don't think they went through. I need to ask you how to get the blades off the Oster A5 clippers. I depress the latch forward. When removing, do the blades go away from the latch or back over the top of the...
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    Clipping shears

    Perhaps, I didn't say that correctly. But, I have an ancient Oster Golden A5 clipper. I am in desperate need of blades. I have been looking at some blades on the web, but unsure as to whether they would fit, etc. And since this thingy is so old, not sure that the blades on the web would be...
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    Have found mouse droppings in the house. I know they have been in the garage. Would like something non-poisonous and no traps as I am a coward. Do some of these natural products work? Also, do they usually leave the house, garage in the summer? I know we have to figure out where the...
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    I have a little hydroponics planter. My parsley is going nutso. Yes, I do prune. But, is there a method of preserving, and if so, any recommendations? TIA,
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    Is there a sticky on vacuums? Anyway, I need a machine for the upstairs. The central vac I have is a royal pain in the backside to haul upstairs. Obviously, I need one that is somewhat impervious to the fur getting caught in the rollers. Any suggestions, ideas? TIA,
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    I need a 2017 Newf calendar with big date boxes. TIA
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    Cleaning up, help!

    Late this afternoon, I realized that my Bodie had diarrhea and he urinated also on the carpet. I don't have a rug cleaning machine. Are there some household products that I may have on hand until I can get out and purchase some other type of cleaning solution? I have lifted as much of the...
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    Newfie rescue

    I lost my beautiful boy almost one year ago. I have apps in to 2 organizations for a rescue. Perhaps, I should expand my horizons. I know I need to be patient. So, if someone wants to respond, please pm me. I don't want to violate any rules. TIA
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    Help with computer programs, please!

    I am sooo bad on this machine, that there isn't anyone who would hire me for my computer skills, because I have none! I am doing the mailing list for Newfie Fun Days, September 19th and 20th, at Piscataqua Boat Basin, Eliot, Maine. Now, I have done this before, but it doesn't mean I can...
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    I had to let my boy go yesterday. He was 11 1/2 yo., and had spinal problems and lar par. Every month he would get chiropractic and actually was managing pretty well. On Monday, he couldn't get up the stairs and the lar par kicked in with the heavy breathing and was in serious distress...
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    Do you operate on...

    an 11 1/2 year newf for disc problems. He also has lar par. I do have insurance, but unfortunately, he has pre-existing spinal and hip problems, so they will not pay. Thoughts, please? Any help will be appreciated!
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    How to clean floogers abounding

    on your cabinets, walls and ceilings? What is the best mixture? Any ideas or suggestions appreciated! TIA,