Newfie rescue

Newfs Forever

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I lost my beautiful boy almost one year ago. I have apps in to 2 organizations for a rescue. Perhaps, I should expand my horizons.

I know I need to be patient.

So, if someone wants to respond, please pm me. I don't want to violate any rules.


scarlet's mom

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Have you contacted Cathy Derench at That Newfoundland Place?? She is located in CT and has rescues coming in on a regular basis ..You can visit her FB page to contact her.
Good Luck!


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I know Colonial Newfoundland Club had a few Newfs available. Well worth contacting Donna as she is the rescue contact.

Newfs Forever

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Thanks, folks. I have contacted Cathy Derench and NCNE. Not sure I want to travel hundreds of miles. I know there is Hart's in Ontario.

Guess, I may need to get my passport renewed. Who knows?