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I had to let my boy go yesterday. He was 11 1/2 yo., and had spinal problems and lar par.

Every month he would get chiropractic and actually was managing pretty well.

On Monday, he couldn't get up the stairs and the lar par kicked in with the heavy breathing and was in serious distress. Raced him to the Emergency vet, they stabilized him and I picked him up on Tuesday. That same afternoon my vet came out and gave him acupuncture.

He was fine from dinner time Tuesday to about noon on Wednesday. Around noon he was in the hallway and didn't move, didn't change positions. I tried to get him up and he whined a lot. This went on into Thursday.

Talked to my vet Thursday morning and we both decided this was the best course of action. So she came out a little after noon to lay him to rest.

I miss him terribly. It was all so fast. But, he is out of pain, thank God for that.

He was a great, sweet boy, loved all people and other animals.

RIP, my sweet Sam!


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I'm sorry to hear you lost Sam. I know your pain. Adam was quick to go also. Less than 24 he was playing and getting in the pond. It is amazing how quickly they can go downhill. My prayers are with you. Hopefully your Sam and my Adam are playing together.


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Rest well, dear Sam. I will miss catching up with you every fall. Sue, I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how very much you loved him.


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I'm so sorry Sue. I hate LP. My Chance had it too. Fly free sweet Sam. Wait for us all and watch over your mama.

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You gave him the greatest gift. But you now have a broken heart.... I am so sorry for your loss :( :hugs: Ronnie