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Have found mouse droppings in the house. I know they have been in the garage.

Would like something non-poisonous and no traps as I am a coward.

Do some of these natural products work?

Also, do they usually leave the house, garage in the summer?

I know we have to figure out where the openings are.

Any ideas?


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I don't use poisons, but do use hooded traps so I don't have to look at their little squished bodies. You can get live traps for them, but those have not been successful for me. And if you don't constantly check the live traps, the poor mouse dies of fear and starvation. I think a snap trap is far more humane. I've never found anything that would simply repel them. I've not tried the electronic traps. And those ultrasonic plug in repellents don't do anything.

This is the trap I use and it works great if you use just barely enough peanut butter to fill the little cup inside. If you put a big glob of PB in the trap, they won't trip it. This trap is really easy to set and place. And easy to dispose of the victims by just pushing a lever. I take it outside, press the lever and leave the carcass for the other wild animals to dispose of. Just make sure you check traps and dispose of any dead mice on a regular basis or you will attract horrible, huge meat eating flies which are far more disgusting than the mice.


Unfortunately, I share my house with them all year long; it's not a seasonal problem here in Kansas. The mice nest in the house and go outside everyday to forage for meals. They seem to prefer my laundry room where they can shred old rags and towels and make a cozy little nest out of them. I've eliminated all the nesting material, closed up their entrances to the house, and I think I have the problem under control. If you disturb areas by moving things frequently, they are not as interested in taking up residence. But they will still come in to inspect the potential housing and look for an easy meal. And you do have to close up any potential holes where they are coming in, so that should be a priority. Otherwise, for every mouse you kill, another one or two will find their way in.
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Since we are in a shop, mice kinda come & go. We've dropped nests from cars (and have charged $ for the repairs of chewed up wiring and dead mice found with awful smells in cars) The unfortunate ones that find their way up front to the food, don't last long. Here is the trap we use,


I can't stand the thought of others, this is a fast death. Mice can and do cause more damage and disease. I remember hearing one story of a guy who lost everything and finally started his path back up the ladder with his family only to be taken out by a respiratory issues/some disease, from cleaning a basement with mice droppings, it was a heart breaking story. Since then, it's not something I take lightly :(