Help with computer programs, please!

Newfs Forever

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I am sooo bad on this machine, that there isn't anyone who would hire me for my computer skills, because I have none!

I am doing the mailing list for Newfie Fun Days, September 19th and 20th, at Piscataqua Boat Basin, Eliot, Maine.

Now, I have done this before, but it doesn't mean I can remember how I did it.
However, I always had a geeky friend who would help me every year with this mass mailing. However, he will be coming home from the hospital tomorrow and will be going into hospice care. Obviously, I will not be bothering him with this nonsense compared to what he has.

Anyone out there, that is very good on computers and programs that would be willing to help me sooner than later.

I have "My Mailing List". If so, please email me or pm me: