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  • HI,
    Mike Clayton here.I sent you a note last night about newfy fun days and you answered ..that is not why I am writing this.
    I live just outside of Concord,,almost in Alton. Where are you from ? your name? I am planning to get another newfy in 6-9 months and so I ask lots of questions.
    talk soon
    thank you. i will send them a PM then as I would have some contacts for them. thanks
    Am ok! Went out to the movies with Sandy tonight since after Rhys shows up it'll be a bit before we get there again. Saw "Bridesmaids" - if any movie could have kick-started labor it was that one!

    Rhys is due the 26th. 9 more days.
    Feeling okay! Starting to feel the stressed, overwhelmed, "holy crap how many onesies do I need to register for? Pediatrician? What?! Do I need to get like, all the attachment thingies for the breast pump or..." feeling. Think I need to take a break from the baby (or at least, from thinking about the baby), and just CHILL out. But physically, I'm good. My back hurts a little, but nothing worth complaining about.
    click on Private messages which is at the top right of your screen under Welcome Newfs Forever.
    It should open to a screen that says INBOX in the middle.
    Click the arrow and that should show you Sent messages
    Let me know if that works, as I'm not the most wonderful at explaining it!!!
    Yes I got Riser's SS and am glad Sammy's arrived. Sorry it wasn't more since I had to buy SS for 6 newfies LOL
    Sent it to you again. Let me know if you still don't get it. Check your spam folders in your email, too, to see if it got routed there.
    :lol: Soon, soon! Hopefully I will find sometime after work on Sunday to resize and post them! :)
    Honey, you're not alone. I've been trying for a 1 1/2 years to post photos. Still no luck. We graduated high school too early.
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