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My only experience with TPLO was on a 10 year old Newf in 1999, so many things must have changed in all those years. My suggestion, if you don't already have one is to buy a Help em Up harness, they are absolutely wonderful for the big guys.

Have you searched on here for more information, I'm sure some Newfs here have had the surgery.

Meanwhile, good luck and let us know how Brodie does, When is the surgery?


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Our Lab has had two TPLO's. When they first come home they are on a lot of pain meds and relatively easy to keep still. We set up a secure area in our family room for him where he could be around people but was completely secure. The help em up harness helps a lot from the day they leave the surgery until they are feeling better. They can only go out to potty on leash and otherwise must be confined. It's when they start to feel better that it's harder to keep them still. They also need physical therapy much of which you can do at home but some water therapy is beneficial. Working out which pain meds your dog can tolerate is necessary too. We had a range of pain meds from carprofen, tramadol and gabapentin. He will probably need a cone to keep from licking the incision too. We found a large soft cone that was more comfortable than the hard plastic ones.

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I have the help em up harness. Nice and sturdy for the big guys. I have been using canine rehab for years now and have every intention of using it for him at the appropriate time.

The doc is recommending TPLO surgery, as he says the other procedures are not as successful as the TPLO is in the large/giant breeds.


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Sue, The exact same reason our orthopedic surgeon gave for TPLO vs other surgery options
and our lab is only 90 lbs.


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Chase had acl surgery in both her back legs when she was 5. She lived to be over 14 and never had a problem. We did water work and draft work after her surgeries. I have a customer who has a Bernie. He had acl surgery 3 years ago and is fine. He is a very high energy active bernie.


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Anti slip mats,good harness, safe caged area ,. Sedatives if they are hyper like Raven .

A lot of patience,comfortable sofa as l slept downstairs for nearly six months.

Raven's failed the first time but worked great the second .
She has very expensive metalwork in her leg now.

Hopefully you are insured???

Raven does great now .find a good hydro pool nearby for rehab though we had to wait three months after her second surgery for her to use it.

We did a range of massage and physio on her .mental training exercises we're a must .

She is a very high energy girl and does everything now
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Elvis had a TPLO when he was 4 and we still say it was the best thing we ever did for him. Luckily he had a great surgeon at Ohio State and a smooth recovery.

We put down several not-skid mats, bought him no-slip booties, and built him a ramp to get down the 3 steps from our back porch to the yard. He was already crate trained and not what anyone would call "active", so keeping him calm during those first few weeks of recovery wasn't an issue. He was on a lot of pain medicine and we used a harness to help him around for about the first week.

Good luck!