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    Now ILLEGAL To Ship Puppies Without USDA License

    The Rule is in effect! If you are a breeder and you have more than 4 intact females of any species (dog, cat, hamster, whether you are breeding the animal or not) you may NO LONGER ship your puppies to ANY pet puppy buyer UNLESS they physically see the actual puppy they are buying IN PERSON (no...
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    Your Newfoundland Is Very Small!

    This is what I keep hearing about my girl Mousse. I was at the vet recently and that's what the tech said. "I've never seen such a small Newfoundland". Mousse is 1 year 7 months, nearly 27? inches at her shoulders, thick boned, huge back end (she's growing and that was the most recently...
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    USDA New Rule, Injunction! Need Support

    There is a group fighting for an injunction on the new USDA Rule (the one that will affect thousands of wonderful dog and cat breeders as well as pet owners looking for wonderful new family members). I believe we're close or at our $10,000 donation goal, but we need organizations to sign on as...
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    New USDA rule to go into effect in 60 days

    So the Final Rule has been posted, for anyone who has been keeping tabs on this. It is to go into effect in 60 days. Very sad...
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    New Virus Killing Dogs--Circovirus?

    Apparently there are still many people who haven't heard about this supposed new virus that has affected 8 dogs so far, 4 which are now dead (possibly more unreported?) A friend of mine sad a family friend just lost a few dogs to this, so I'm not sure if there are more deaths to be added to the...
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    New Addition to the family

    Meet Linus!! Not a newf but still cuteee! He was meowing while we were bringing him home. He's sweet but scared a bit. So excited to pick him up today!
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    Mousse and Milo Pics!

    Lynn, I believe you were asking about Milo and Mousse pics (lol) I gotta get more Milo pics, but that's the hack job I did on his unruly ears :)
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    Health Testing

    When getting the Cystinuria Testing test done by OptiGen, do the results automatically get sent to OFA? Also, how do you get your dogs health testing to post on AKC's Medical Screens section?
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    Does this go on with our breed?

    I saw this article on someone's facebook page. I read it and it brought back memories of High School and several of the animal groups I'm a part of. Is the Newfoundland show world like this? So far from what I've seen on the forums, most of the people are not like this, but I've seen some...
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    Mousse Hip Rads for OFA

    I was pleasantly surprised, when I got my x-rays to send into OFA, to find out my vet switched to digital!! :) Now I guess I get to just send them the CD instead of having to worry about bending actual X-rays :) :) Planning on mailing them in tomorrow! YAY! Sending in Mousse's hip rads to...
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    Groomer in for a surprise?

    I found a groomer running a special, $5.00 off per dog on your first visit. Mousse is going to get her OFA prelims done on Monday so I wanted her to be clean anyway and I haven't had the time to groom them, so it worked out perfectly. So I went to her site and talked with her via email. The...
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    Ok Ok Long overdue photos and updates

    I groomed Mousse today and took some photos She's decided she doesn't want to stay in the dog run anymore. Yesterday she jumped the fence to chase a squirrel and we had someone pull over and knock saying our dog was running loose. Luckily her recall is good and she came immediately when I...
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    Rash on belly

    So mousse has had this rash on and off on her belly. It's not bothering her, she's not scratching or licking or biting at it. It's just red. No bumps or anything. It's on her belly area. I am hypothesizing that it's potentially from being damp when she comes inside and laying down in her...
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    Merry Christmas

    We went sledding for the first time on Christmas. Milo seemed interested but was uninterested after pulling the empty sled back and forth a few times. Practice makes perfect. He had no problem with stopping to pose for a photo.
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    RIP Miley

    Some of you may have heard already through facebook but others may not have. We lost our girl this morning. From was I was told it was "bloat" but I was told it didn't include her stomach. She didn't have any gagging, throwing up, no hardened stomach, and no typical symptoms of bloat. She...