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  • 22 FEB - During the NCA General Education Teleconference last night the subject came up about BYB's. I'm looking for someone who is a member of Newf Friends whom is also an NCA member. We have a project in mind regarding BYB's and I thought we should include those two BYB's in Canada that are really terrible, that I hear a lot about on FB. Any Help?
    Ummm.. what FB message Ted... I am not good with computers so may have missed something.. :oops:
    Great to hear Tigger! Sending luck for a first prize tomorrow!! Just call when you get home. Janet and I where talking about taking the pups for a walk around the forest preserve in the afternoon. C U tomorrow!!
    Well stained and Newfs applied. Need to waterproof it tomorrow and may be ready Sunday night. Let me know when you get home.
    Can you send me the address on U-Tube where you posted the videos? Laura really wants to see them.
    I don't see why not. We were invited to go to WI with Joan on Sat, and then going to HJoans on Mon as I am off for the holiday. Not sure about Saturday yet. I'kk tell you how to get to Les's, in a little while, I've got some stuff to do first.
    Also, I know you were asking about shampoo for showing. I'll give you Laura's secret, but you have to swear to secrecy !
    I've tried it once, and Murphy looked awsome!!
    She baths him with the Chris Christiansen day to day shampoo, then baths again with Isle of Dogs #10 evening primrose oil shampoo. Then .... the secret weapon, spray on the isle repair leave in conditioner. I'm sure it will depend on the dogs coat, but this works great for Murph.
    Sounds good. Kristin (Yorkvillenewf) is coming over either Friday after I get home from work, or sometime sunday to pick up a crate. She's going to let me know which day and time. I am, FOR SURE going to Less's house to swim on sunday. Can you give me his address? One of the girls I work with wants to come and watch, think that would be ok?
    We were thinking of getting together with Dan and Heather for a afternoon h dogs and H burgers thing Sat/Sun?? I could help with the weeds, while they BS.
    Wow, I would love it if you guys would come !! It's the show in Bellvedere on July 16th and 17th.
    And, let me know what day I'm coming to pull weeds. I really mean it, I love doing yard work, and weeding is one of my favorites.
    Wahoo!!!!!! Which Show, when, where! We have to come and watch, photos are a must!
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