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  • Ok, I have a stupid question. I was reading about the picnic Saturday, and it said to bring something for the brown bag. Like a toy or something?
    She's a pistol. Already snarfing off the table, can't reach the counter yet. Almost potty trained (HuRay). She's done her first water training, and is in puppy class, conformation class next
    We also loved being there! Thanks again and Janet your color doesn't look to bad? Well know I'm gonna have to watch it again. Later...
    Loved the video of the birthday party! I had a great time as usual.
    Thanks for all the shots of the top of my head. I'm off to color my hair !!!!
    Thought this saved, have to retype. Joan Gunn put on the last Seminar. She would probablty know when where in the area. Funny I just talked to Cissy about this same thing at the regional, and that we needed to do another one.
    I need it also (I Hope). I or you can call and ask Joan Gunn. She put on the Seminar for that for NCNC. Funny I was just talking to Cissy for the need for one at the Regional.
    Hi Ted,
    I'd like to visit some confirmation classes, and was wondering if you know of any in the area?
    Oh, now I hate you! You saw puppies?? At Joan's??
    You're sooooo mean !!!!
    We're going to Bass Pro today if you and Judy want to meet us. I'm thinking about 1:30. Maybe dinner later?
    It's funny. Judy and I bumed into him at the Regional. Their Daughter was showing at the Yourkville KC, and that was their first dog show. So we BS'ed for a while. They seemed to have a good time, they even bid on some of our silent auction stuff. I managed to win a $110 gift cerificate for Judy at some fancy dog store that does dog and people stuff. We're going to see Joan Gunn's puppies this weekend.

    BTW You are more than welcome. That was the least I could do.
    Hi Ted!
    I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for giving me Dr Harris!! I don't know if you saw my post about Murphy needing surgery for a hematoma. I brought Murph in this morning for surgery, and Patty called to tell me Dr Harris wasn't going to do the surgery because it looked like Murphy was obsorbing the fluid that had been building up. What a great vet!! He could have gone ahead with the surgery and I never would have known the difference! I love that office! Thank you sooo much for the recomendation!!
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