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  • It has been reliably reported from Newfie Paws mail roon that Ranger's Loot will be on the way as of Wednesday AM. Newfie Paws postal personnel stated that Ranger may require assistance to lift the Lot package, as it may be too large for Ranger to pick-up.
    Hi, I heard you possibly have a room that may be available at the Windjammer?? Is that true? I am new to all this and don't know how it all works, but someone told me it might be available and I am very interested in joining this year as a newbie!! Thanks!
    Hi Niki,

    Did you receive our SS gift to Riser? It should have been there last Monday. I received your gift to Sammie. Thank you very much!
    Hello Dear!! If you have the pictures of Gabriel, PLEASE send them to me. I can't find any anywhere. I have a lot of pictures of you with your gorgeous baby, but I have to get them developed, then I'll send them to you.
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