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  • Hi! :) Thanks so much for writing back! I was wondering if you could give me some advice...

    I tried to message you as I see you have a young son and a Newfie - and I have 3 young kids. My son Finn is 6,my daughter Isla is 4 and our youngest daughter Zara is 2. Do you have any tips on training a Newf with young kids in the house? We are on a waiting list for a Newf puppy now - we have asked for a girl and the pups due date is April 22nd. They should go to their new homes in July. :) We are all so excited!

    Thanks so much!
    Heather :)
    He's a sweet, sweet boy. :) So is his brother, but one of them never sits still long. :)
    Thank you - I have in fact contacted her, after her posting recently, showing Orka in the kayak. She was helpful, as was Dethan's owner (the manatee meeting posting). A kayaking commercial! Now THAT is pretty cool!
    Sorry its taken me so long to see this.....Just too many trees to hug and so little time!LOL Yes Food,Inc is very disturbing along with some other like documentaries that inspired change in my family as well.
    Thanks for coming out today! We all love to see other Newfs now and then. Sorry to hear the ride home didn't agree with her.
    Be sure to look up NCNC for coming events!! Let us know what you sign up in.
    Umm...err...Kristen, I don't remember any story about a furheimer munching on a condom. I am on this site every day. Where have I gone wrong?

    Could you possibly send me a link? I am pretty darned stupid on this here machine.

    Hey Jackie may be coming out this summer camping up in Northern Il. I'll be sure to let you know and maybe we could have a little Newf reunion! Wouldn't that be awesome!
    Thanks! It's actually a couple years old.....I just love making these 'cheap' fleece scarves since they double as "drool wipers"! LOL!
    Yes, thank you! I believe my wife already responded but do let me know if you didn't get it.
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