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  • Too tired to bath tonight. Will for sure tomorrow. Want to try walking afterwards? Your call. Haven't put her diaper on today and she will have a bath. Call me and let me know. Maybe we can meet at the forest preserve and try?
    She spotting less and will probably be off her diaper soon. Gonna plan on swimming today so we can bath her before we go back in the tent tonight. Dan says she smelled like a wet dog? Maybe can go out in a few days when she's off her spotting and bathed good. Poor Murphy give him extra hugs from Morgan and me! Morgans lost too!! Have a dentist appt today sometime.
    Oh my gosh, we're soooo lonely!! I've been walking Murphy by Long Lake in the forest preserve, then by the lake. It's a nice area, but Murphy seems lost without Morgan. Last night was the first night he didn't howl. Hopefully tonight will be the same. I need some sleep !!
    Do you really think it'll be a few more weeks?
    So is Murphy any better? Hope all's well and miss you both! I'm not even walking her right now until this is over. To scared to go alone.... Later!
    Call me anytime if you just wanna talk! See you a few weeks?
    I see no rain til next week. Was gonna give you a small package of ground beef which we probably won't use. If I don't call by 6:30 call me. In case I forget. Later!
    Call me when you get home tomorrow night. If you have time maybe we could walk the beast.
    Like to talk before Tuesday if possible? Later.
    Just got home thought it would be too late to call. I'll be at Julie's tomorrow painting 2 bedrooms, then moving her on Sunday.
    I have to try and clean my house sometime before Tuesday, I have someone who may be interested in buying it. AHHHHH !!!!!!!!
    If you want to walk anytime this weekend let me know. Dan finished Murphy stand for the grooming table. Looks awesome! Call me....
    I'm fine, thanks. Wednesday I was pooped, busy day at work. Yesterday I thought it was too hot to walk, looks like today might be the same. I'll call when I get home
    What did Morgan get into?
    Your OK right? Call me tomorrow rain or no rain OK? Just want to say HI! Gotta tell you want Morgan got into today!
    Didn't know what to do with her!!! Maybe the cage tomorrow so there's no other problems?
    Sounds good, tell Dan thanks!
    I stayed home all day yesterday and cleaned. It was such a crappy day. My sisters came over last night, we had a big fight, now nobody is talking again.
    I'll call you later so we can walk before the rain. Sounds like a rainy week.
    Dan says bring Murphy over later on and he'll make the wood thing. Can't do it if he doesn't have a measurement! Stairs are going in this morning so maybe we could swim if it warms up a bit!!! Call me this afternoon!!
    Maybe tomorrow? Walked with Rocky today which was a first.
    Never seem to run into him. Call me and let me know how things are going.
    Murphy's sleeping too! I love these walks! Maybe tomorrow night we can check out the trail
    Morgan is so tired she's snoring!! So funny and love walking with you guys. Call any night you want to walk. I did see a trail down 12 that I wouldn't mind exploring sometime!!!
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