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  • Judy is working Sat/Sun during the day. I'll try, will depend on how things go around the house.
    I'm not sure if you guys were planning on going to Bass Pro this weekend, but I'll have to go on Saturday, house hunting on Sunday. I think I should be there around 1:00 ish
    DUH! Try my facebook page, I just can't help being brain dead I guess. I'm 99.9% sure their on facebook. Sorry about that, I knoew I posted them somewhere..........
    Hey Ted! John sent me the greeting card that you sent him on Facebook, just wanted you to know that was the cutest thing ever, I really enjoyed it! Merry Christmas to everyone at the Newfie Nut House!
    It is in the Photo Section. They came from a Lady in Bessemer, AL. She make them and sells them on EBay. She only make a very limited number each year, and I have not seen a Navitity scene this year. I felt I was very lucky when I got mine. I did pay big bucks for it though, but I think it was worth it. That's why the trailer we haul to shows etc., is known as the "Newfie NutHause"
    Where did you get the newfie nativity? I am trying to find the thread that shows pics of all the newfie stuff in it but can't find it anymore. I asked in there but thought this would be easier. It's soooo cute.
    I will check with the Vet's to see if that works for them, I will let you know ASAP.
    Hey Ted,
    Just checking in for a few minutes this morning and I saw that you were on. I am preparing my stuff for ED Day. Does this schedule seem OK for you?
    10:-10:40 First session for presentations, 10:40-10:45 switch, 10:45-11:30 2nd session, 11:30 -12:00 get food and begin to eat. 12:00-1:00 Meeting and finish eating.
    1:00 meeting adjourned and clean up. Let me know if this sounds OK with your plans.
    Thanks Cissy
    Thank you all. The smoochmaster did spend time giving me morning sm9ooches today. I decided to go to work, and will celibrate over the weekend. I guess the Big 60, should be celibrated. OMG I'm a Senior Citizen!!! But I don't feel any different! - LOL
    Happy Birthday!! Hope the smoochmaster gives extra kisses today:)
    Wishing you many more.
    Brenda and the boys
    OH M'GOD..The BIGDOG..walks tall now!! Huzzah, cheers..and pack enough partying make us all proud. What a wonderful happening..enjoy, enjoy! ina
    Just wanted to say thank you for all that you and your fellow officers do to keep the rest of us safe.
    Take care and be well.
    Brenda with Max, Charlie, and Koda (lab)
    I had a good time, went to Outback for a steak, and saw Star Terk. Other then that I was relaxing. It was a nice day. Thank you all for thinking of me.
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