Hagrid & Footballs


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Here is the football muncher - they do not last very long
and he looks so innocent. " What me "



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I love love love his thick floof - he looks like Elvis Presley reincarnated as a dog!!!! And that expression....well, he doesn't really look terribly concerned about too much! LOL
What is that stuff he is laying on??? I think they call it grass. We use to have it here, but it will be a long while till we see it again.

Nothing like a happy guy and his football.


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"What?? Was it something I said?"

LOVE HIM. And please tell me you're a Harry Potter fan since his name is Hagrid... if Lena had been a black boy instead of a brown girl I would have been sorely tempted to name her Sirius!!! Either way, she is still called Padfoot on occasion :)


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We are fans of the Harry Potter books & films, his KC registerd name is
Mileoak Harry Potter but Hagrid to us.

Just like Rubeus Hagrid - Big & Hairy with a great nature.