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  • I bet Khabo was thrilled! My 6-yo Great Pyr is kind of like an old man. Our mix, Norman, is just strange. Both were rescues and might have issues. Darcy Doodles just WANTS TO PLAY! I tell ya, Coop is an adorable, adorable little boy.
    Puppy breath is almost gone. I got really lucky. My Khabo is only 2 yrs old and still very much a puppy himself. Pari (being 6 yrs) isn't so much into the wild playing thing. So Khabo was THRILLED to have a little brother to run around with. It's great! Go ahead and ship Darcy up here... we'll tire her out! :)
    Coop's girlfriend is BEAUTIFUL!!! I may have to keep that boy contained before he hops a plane and flies to Texas!!!
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