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  • max was 6 months 2 days ago so I know how you feel about the puppy from hell bit/ luckily we were used to Beau so not so much of an issue apart from being jumped on at midnight as we are staying downstairs with him while he recovers from his surgery
    dandy and i really enjoyed seeing you today and i just wanted to say thanks agian for all your advice and help, and thanks for the bits you gave dandy today. i have put a couple of photos on from today as well. xx
    Hi Vicki I was getting it from here, the shipping was £4.00

    I don't actually use it now I use the plush puppy OMG I buy the concentrate and it has lasted me 4 mnths so far and I still have lots left!! I use it on all the dogs and like it alot more than ice on ice the shipping is £5.00 but I think a bottle will last at least 6 months

    hope that helps x

    Well I'm actually kind of off this weekend. I usually walk a client's dog twice a day on the weekends (the client is legally blind) but her dog is away doing agility so no walks this weekend. It's wonderful. I do have a puppy coming tomorrow for daycare but that's okay. I plan on having a lazy day today just with my crew (and the 3 boarding dogs) and doing a ton of cleaning.

    How about you?

    Thank you for bday wishes from last yr. Very kind of you. I haven't been on newf net since early march of last yr so I'm just getting them, but they're appreciated all the same!
    Thank you all so much. I've had a wonderful birthday. One friend got an overnight bag for me to use when Tiika is visiting her sister or traveling with us - like to Michigan in May! She put Nfld tartan on one side of the red bag with Tiika's name embroidered on it. Another friend gave me a glass cutting board with two Newfs on it. It looks exactly like Splash trying to get her sister Tiika to play! John gave me a GPS for my van so we don't get lost going to Frankenmuth - going there is really my big 60 birthday present! I also got a wonderful set of wooden wind chimes and other miscellaneous gifts - a great day! thank you all for your good wishes.
    Thank you very much for the many returns, I will need them to keep up with fur face
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