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  • I was just stalking your blog and MY GOODNESS has Hemi grown into such a handsome fella!
    So crazy! And I bet you NEVER got tired of the "Weare, where" jokes. I think it's awfully pretty over in that area. Newmarket is small, and the only way I can get people to have any idea where it is, is to tell them we're near Portsmouth.
    Will do! I can't imagine a day without him in our lives, but when that devil comes out I want to run for the hills! Someday I'll look back on this and laugh, right?

    I grew up in Derry and currently live in Newmarket. Where'd you grow up?!
    dont let the holier than thous get you down and don't leave here. I've had newfs longer than some of these experts and I still don't know diddly! FB jumping became very popular here a while back, but then FB became horrible! Fighting, backbiting, rudeness beyond belief. A bunch of the FBers left and it's settled down for now at least. Just keep working on him, he'll get it. He's still just a baby. .. a very BIG baby, but still a baby.
    Lots of positive energy coming your way today. Try not to stress too much.
    Stacey- Thanks, he's growing into such a big boy! How is Hemingway doing? I love the latest photo on your blog - he is the fluffiest Newf I have EVER seen. Has his mouthing calmed down? Bo grabbed hold of my bathrobe sleeve this morning and had to have a couple time outs, but he's gotten a lot better since we last messaged. I hope you're finding the same with Hemingway.
    We had a successful half-hour of quiet time after I took them both to the dog park and they seemed to mentally exhausted to bother each other! I tried it again today with no such luck. 5 days left!
    Hope everything is going well with you! We've still got this little bulldog over and it's back and forth. Gilly FINALLY rests and pippa comes to instigate. Pippa settles down and Gilly instigates. There's no end to their ridiculousness. Did Hem and the dog you were watching EVER cool it?? One week left and I can't wait...
    I hope your having a better day....hope baby boys not stressing you too much...im sending you and Hemingway some positive energy..well maybe you the energy...Hemingway like Shadoe doesn't need any extra energy...smile,this stage shall pass...at least that's why im told
    Wow, 5 days without power!? Well, I'm happy to hear that you all weathered the storm and are no worse for the wear!
    Hi Stacey-
    I've enjoyed reading your posts and seeing photos of Hemingway because he seems to be about the same age as our Bucephalus! What an adorable little guy!
    hi! once i figure it out...you bet! lol...let me see what i can do. thanks for reading! :)
    HI Stacey,
    I saw a post of yours and noticed not only were you from Ct(we live in Colchester), but that you have a Kloofbear!! We just love Evelyn and have 2 Kloofbears ourselves..Scarlet is 2 1/2 yrs and Karma is 8 1/2 months..We were new to "newfdom" also so we understand wanting to make sure you do everything right for the dog..If we can be of any help, or answer any questions please feel free to email me at srdelson@aol.com.. Also, are you a memeber of Newf club of New England? If not , you may want to consider joining for the ability to network with other Newf owners..Actually this Sunday 6/12, there is an activity called the Spring fling in Westford, Mass which is free..there will be several people doing 30 min talks on everything from rescue to clicker training to chiropractic for dogs! Hope you are enjoying you new pup and WELCOME to NewfNet!
    Sylvia, Scarlet and Karma
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