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  • Hi Mary!
    Those are great news! We are like 4 hours away, but we are thinking about going there (Myrtle Beach) one more time before school starts. It would be awesome if we can meet and have a pups play date!! Apart from the job opportunity, how are you and Scarlette doing?

    The best of luck tomorrow, and definitely let me know how it goes!
    Thank you. Lucy was my "heart and soul" dog. I miss her so much. Maggie is her half sister (same sire, different moms).

    Scarlett is a cutie!
    Thank you! We live in Concord, North Carolina. I noticed you guys are in Chicago, which I think it's better (weather wise) for Scarlett.
    Hi Mary,
    Scarlett looks so much like my Drako when she was a puppy! It's also my first time raising a newfie, he is 10 weeks old right now. Hope your gorgeous girl is doing fine!

    Here is a pic of Drako:
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