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    Anyone near Frederick Maryland?

    We are have been Newf-less (and dog-less) for almost a year, since we moved to Frederick, Maryland. Anyone nearby who would like to meet up? I'd love to get a Newf-fix. :) Laurel
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    Cowboy is 9 months old

    Cowboy is 9-1/2 months old now. He is 31 inches at the shoulder, and 112 pounds. He stands flat footed and can look around at what's on the counters. Thankfully, he has never offered to try counter surfing!
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    Anyone near Harper's Ferry, WV?

    Chris is changing jobs, so we will be moving somewhere near Harper's Ferry in late August. We are looking at houses, but I need recommendations for vets, places to board our Newf and cats during the transition, pet friendly hotels, etc. Any info will be appreciated ( and it would be nice to...
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    New pic of Cowboy

    Here's a recent pic of Cowboy, sporting a new bib, made by Sue Putt. He's almost 5 months old.
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    Tech and Skye in the same week

    We lost two of our beloved cats this week. Two weeks ago, I took our little Skye kitty (not quite 2 years old) to the vet, because she had not been eating much and was losing weight. They did an x-ray and blood work, and found a golf ball-sized tumor near her pancreas and a smaller one on her...
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    Our new puppy, Cowboy!

    We had chosen the name "Waldo" for our new Landseer pup, but when we met him we decided that didn't really match his personality. Waldo is now "Cowboy". It took us a while to get there! We tried many names and nothing stuck. Suddenly Cowboy seemed obvious (he looks like a relative of our...
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    Secret Santa this year??

    In the past, I organized a Secret Santa for the critters of Newf Net. I don't see any mention of it this year, and it's a bit late to get started on a world-wide inclusion, but we might still be able to pull off something on a smaller scale. If sending to Canada, Australia, etc, at this point...
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    Picking up Waldo soon!

    Our Newfs are all gone, and the house has been too empty. We found a darling little male Landseer pup, who we will bring home in a couple of weeks! Eeeeee! It has been ages since we have had a puppy. We've been living with geriatric newfs for so long, that we've forgotten what it's like to...
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    What do you feed a Newf Pup?

    All three of our newfie girls have passed away, and our house has been way to empty. That said, we are getting another Newf puppy in a couple of weeks, and the foods we fed our last Newfs (we got them in 2003) have changed or disappeared. I know that there have been quite a few discussions...
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    Ready for another Newf puppy

    OK, mods, I haven't been here in a while, so if I'm saying something I shouldn't, please let me know. All three of our Newfie girls have passed away, and after several months of being "dogless" (we have 5 cats, but it's just not the same), we are ready to bring another newf pup into our family...
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    Brenna, August 16, 2016

    I haven't been on here in quite a while. Our rescue girl, Brenna, was helped across the bridge by our Vet on August 16th. Brenna could no longer get up without help, and quite often her legs would just go out from under her without warning...causing her to nose dive or belly flop suddenly. We...
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    Happy Adventure Maggie 1-19-16

    This was taken of Maggie just last week, when we had snow. She LOVED snow. She has been getting weaker these past few months, but she rallied for about a week, then went downhill fast in the past two days. This morning we took her to our vet's office and she crossed quickly and easily. Happy...
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    Maggie turned 12 on August 6th.

    I'm not on here much any more, but thought I'd let you know that Maggie is still with us. She broke the ball off the top of her femur last summer, and we thought that would be "it", but she pushed through the healing process and started using that leg after a few months. Maggie turned 12 on...
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    Popping in the say Hello

    I haven't been to this site in quite a while, so thought I'd pop in to say hello. 2014 had several ups and downs. We said goodbye to two of our kitties, O'Malley and Tasha, in February. Brenna turned 10 on April 1st, and continues to be a huge believer in the "newfy lean". Anyone who...
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    Anyone know a good English Setter breeder?

    I know this is a Newf forum, and we have had newfs for a while now. I have always admired the beauty and grace of the English Setters (and they do kind of remind me of smaller Landseers!). I'm thinking that our next dog needs to be one with a little less coat upkeep than the newfs are, so I'm...