Our new puppy, Cowboy!


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We had chosen the name "Waldo" for our new Landseer pup, but when we met him we decided that didn't really match his personality.

Waldo is now "Cowboy". It took us a while to get there! We tried many names and nothing stuck. Suddenly Cowboy seemed obvious (he looks like a relative of our neighbor's dairy cows, and he's a boy).

He's quite a talker, with a comment for everything. He's almost flawless on potty training. He's hilarious with his toys, because he drags every one into his crate and hoards them!

Introducing our new baby, Cowboy. (This was taken in the car, during our 12 hour ride home.)



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So cute!!! Congrats!

How did he do on that long car ride? We picked up our Claire and had a 5-hour drive home and she threw up the whole way! Hoping it goes better when we pick up our new baby next weekend!


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Yippee Yo Ki Yay! Howdy pardner! Plum glad yer finally here.

You might like to know that I call Spirit "Moo Moo" a lot, since he looks like a Holstein and is nearly as big.


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He was a trouper on the ride home. Slept most of the way. Never got sick. Only got agitated when he needed a pit stop. He has amazing eye contact and is already coming when I whistle, leaving something alone when I tell him ah-ah, and sitting. When he has been outside long enough to suit him, he looks at me and barks, takes his leash in his teeth, and proceeds to try to lead me to the door. He's got to be the smartest dog we've ever had.


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He was meant to be with you. That photo says it all. Huge congratulations, and wishing you many years of happiness together.