Brenna, August 16, 2016


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I haven't been on here in quite a while.
Our rescue girl, Brenna, was helped across the bridge by our Vet on August 16th. Brenna could no longer get up without help, and quite often her legs would just go out from under her without warning...causing her to nose dive or belly flop suddenly. We decided to let her go, while she still had some dignity.

On the last day, I got Brenna up under a shade tree along our driveway. As we waited for our Vet to come, she had her nose in the wind. This is how I will remember her. She passed quickly and quietly. All three of our Newfie girls are gone now. The house is so different, with just cats.



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So sad to loose your last girl...she was beautiful and what a lovely picture of her fur blowing in the wind. RIP sweet Brenna!

R Taft

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There have been way too many of our gorgeous NN newfies, that have left for the Bridge.... Must be some NN party over there. sometimes I wished I could just visit. I am so sorry, we just love them too much :( :hugs:
First off, so sorry for the loss of your beloved Brenna. The picture makes me extra sad, because she looks so alive on the front 3/4 of her body. I glad the vet came and she was at home in a place she enjoyed so much. I am glad she went on the high point of the low, instead of the low of the low.

I also called the Vet to come to the house on the high of the low. Not significant pain, but just seemed unable to use the rear end. I had hope a similar send off out on the porch or front yard where Snuffles loved to lay. We had falling temps that morning from high 30s into the low 20s by late morning. Too cold for use to sit with him, since they vet could not make it too late afternoon. So he had to come in. Gee, I haven't teared up in quite a while, but the similar last hours just struck a nerve just now. Again, so sorry!