Maggie turned 12 on August 6th.


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I'm not on here much any more, but thought I'd let you know that Maggie is still with us. She broke the ball off the top of her femur last summer, and we thought that would be "it", but she pushed through the healing process and started using that leg after a few months.

Maggie turned 12 on August 6th.

And here's what we got her, for her birthday (Mags loves kittens!)
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Nice to see you back Maggie. very Happy 12th Birthday. I think you must now be one of our oldest NN Newfs :)


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Hi Laurel. Good to hear from you. Happy Birthday to Mags. I lost Adam on 8/11.

Love the kitten.
Happy Birthday Maggie. Did you have surgery? Snuffles blew his left CCL at 10 and a half and we decided not to do anything. He limps along, but gets around here OK. He is pushing 11 years 5 months.