Ready for another Newf puppy


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OK, mods, I haven't been here in a while, so if I'm saying something I shouldn't, please let me know.

All three of our Newfie girls have passed away, and after several months of being "dogless" (we have 5 cats, but it's just not the same), we are ready to bring another newf pup into our family.

We'd love another landseer (a freckled nose would be a plus!). If you know of a reputable breeder in the US, who is planning a litter with Landseers sometime after the first of the year, please private message me with their info, so I can reach out to them.

Thank you.


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Good, I'm glad you have started looking again.
If you go to the NCA website and scroll down nearly to the bottom there is a 1 888 NCA NEWF phone # from 9am to 9pm EST that will give you names of breeders who have litters or about to expect ones and who can advise you.
I think I have got this right!
Good luck :)