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I haven't been to this site in quite a while, so thought I'd pop in to say hello.

2014 had several ups and downs.

We said goodbye to two of our kitties, O'Malley and Tasha, in February.

Brenna turned 10 on April 1st, and continues to be a huge believer in the "newfy lean". Anyone who stands close to her will attest to her ability to lean over, almost to the point of being horizontal, in order to make contact with the closest human to her. She is the only dog I've ever known who will ignore her breakfast dish, in order to get some love and hugs first.

In July, Maggie broke the ball off the top of her left femur (we aren't quite sure how). She was nearly 11 years old, so we opted out of the surgery possibility. We spent months helping her get up, move around, go outside, etc, with a sling. Then she started doing it on her own, and trying to scoot around us if we approached with that darned sling. She clearly wanted to regain her dignity and independence, so we let her. She can now bear some weight on that leg, but still walks with a considerable limp. It has not stopped her from lying in wait and charging at me (rather awkwardly), when I'm trying to push the trash can back up the drive. Maggie still has a sense of humor and lots of sass.

We still have four cats: Tech, Toby, and the twins, Winston and Clementine. Tech is our only inside/outside kitty, and regularly presents us with rodents, birds, etc....sometimes just parts of those....by the front door. (Nothing says "Welcome" like a headless rodent on the Welcome Mat). Toby, Winston, and Clementine are avid bird watchers. I have a feeder just outside one bedroom window, so they will sit on a table just inside, twitching and chittering at the birds on the feeder. Occasionally, we hear a loud "thunk", as one of them bangs into the window, trying to jump at a bird.

Hope this New Year finds all of you and your furry family members well and happy.
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Nice to see you! Sorry to hear about your kitties, but happy to hear that Brenna and Maggie are doing well now, poor Maggie and her leg...ouch - glad she able to get around on it a little better now.

What sweet newfies you have - love to hear their leaning and greeting stories.

Thanks for the update and hope to see you around!
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So good to hear from you! Happy for Brenna and Maggie. Hope Maggies leg
Improves. Glad your Newfies are doing well. Happy New Year!


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It's been a crazy busy year for us. My elderly parents live a 12 hour drive away, and I've had to make that trip several times to help out with various issues with them.

Our older daughter and family lived in Nevada, and I've gone out to help there several times. They just moved to Virginia, which is closer to much of our extended family, and I went to help them get unpacked and organized, just before Christmas.

Our older son, and his wife and three little boys, moved from GA to live with us in July. Son had been laid off. They are now moving to TX, where he will be working again. It has been a whirlwind, living with three active boys, but we will miss them. The cats, maybe won't miss them so much. :)

Our younger daughter and her husband (in the service) have new orders, and are moving from the east coast to Hawaii.

Our family is seriously "on the move". Only our younger son and his wife and son are staying "put" for now.

I've traveled so much that I have to stop and think where I am, before I get out of bed in the night. One wrong turn and I could end up down the staircase, or in a closet. :)


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So good to hear from you again. Hope this year is better. I understand the craziness and how much of your time it can take up. Both my sons moved away in 2012. One to Chicago and one to Virginia. It's quite an adjustment.


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Hi and welcome back ! Hope you will have a little calmer year :) Cuddle your bears and have a wonderful year :)