Tech and Skye in the same week


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We lost two of our beloved cats this week.

Two weeks ago, I took our little Skye kitty (not quite 2 years old) to the vet, because she had not been eating much and was losing weight. They did an x-ray and blood work, and found a golf ball-sized tumor near her pancreas and a smaller one on her liver. We opted to take her home and keep her comfortable for as long as she wanted to be here.


This is one of Tech, from last summer:

Tech was 10 years old, and was our younger daughter's cat. Somehow he ended up as ours, when she couldn't take him to college with her. He was never a very demanding cat, but did have his routine and wanted it to be followed. :) He liked to sleep on the beds, and be near us, and only rarely graced us by sitting on a lap.

I took him to the vet on Monday, because he'd had some rattling when breathing, and he kept coughing. I thought he might have pneumonia. They did an x-ray and discovered that he had so much lung disease that his heart could not be seen in the x-ray. Not sure if it was cancer, or something else, but his lungs were calcified in many places.

We opted to let him go that day.


This is one of Skye, before the illness destroyed her.

Two days later, I had to take little Skye back in , to let her go. She had stopped eating and only took little sips of water. She was wasting away before our eyes. It wasn't fair to keep her any more. She deserved to be without pain. It broke my heart to let her go.

So, two beautiful little kitties got their wings this week.
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Oh Laurel, that must have been devastating, what beautiful kitties they were. So very sorry.


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I am so sorry for your loss. It's devastating when suddenly they are leaving faster than you can comprehend what's going on.


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I am so very sorry for the loss of your beautiful kitties. My Jedi looks very much like your Skye only with a solid brown face and my Dwight looks just like your Tech.

I feel your heart breaking and pray that it will heal quickly - enough to open your arms to another kitty or two that could use your love someday.

With love, Karen