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  • Irish Spotted Newfs Rule!!!!!
    Great job Eric. You're fast, No wonder you have 7 children!!!!![IMG][IMG]

    YOU R NUTS!!!!!!!!!!
    Ha Ha Ha! I guess you guys really got a kick out of those huh, it's stirred up something. No worries though, NN family will come first. I've seen Nessa's blog...INCREDIBLE. I don't know how she does it. I tried to look at the video but it wouldn't open here at work so I'll have to look at it at home after I get some sleep ofcourse....midnight shifts will do that to you...that and switching shifts every couple of days. The body never knows when to sleep or be awake. Ahhh you gotta love the military.
    Yikes, I'm gonna need it. I doubt I'll have time to keep up with it once it gets started though....the wife, 7 kids, Tsunami, Ty, work and more work. Ah what the heck...I'll give it a shot. I'll have to wait until tomorrow though because I can't go to that site at's blocked.
    I don't have a BLOG. How do you start one of those? Do you think I could create something using Adobe and save it as a PDF file, that way it can be emailed? I don't know much about Adobe though. I guess I'll have to try it out and see what happens.
    Okay, since Abbey is the President of the Tsunami fan club, and her owner is the wise and talented "computer" guru, please help me out in figuring how to make an e-book of Tsunami's adventures. I'll give you all the credit...PROMISE!
    Your telling me! It was all I could do not to take him home yesterday. But our schedule this week with the kids is not conducive for a puppy in the house. We'll just have to brave the next 9 days....
    Hello again dear Friend........How come Zeke is taking centre stage in the new avatar? Abbey in the back ground? Has she seen your new avatar? Me thinks she would not be amused :lol:
    I like the new picture though........
    I have a new job for Abbey....President of the Tsunami Club, Annabelle will be Secretary, she is quite smart and Tessa as treasurer, because she is great at hiding/hoarding all the bones :)
    Cheerio, Ronnie
    12 days and counting. No new pictures yet. I'm going to visit with the breeder on Wed to take a blanket for Ty and Mom to get smells on so he isn't lonely when he comes home. If I didn't have to go to work tonight, you would have gotten some great Tsunami photos. I took him to the forest again and we found a creek. Needless to say he had a bath and is all poofed up. So look for some pics of Tsunami tomorrow and Ty on Wed or Thurs. Have a great night.
    How cool is that. I posted a comment but not sure how to add a photo of Tsunami. Abbey and Tsunami definitely need to be a part of that.
    Thanks for the welcome Abbey!
    My old dog (shep/hound) is named "Idaho." When I rescued him he was so skinny that I fed him baked potatoes to get his weight up. Well, now he weighs 130 lbs (he's a B-I-G boy) and he's retired to being a couch potato. He doesn't know what to make of the NewNewf, I don't think he's used to a dog bigger than him.
    You are an absolute nut! You had me rolling with the post about Ty. Too funny. Hope you are having a great day.
    He's up and loaded. A twist though, looks like Ty will be the all black male...we'll know for sure on Monday.
    Nope, I didn't get to visit. My days off where this weekend and the breeder had a show for one of her dogs and then today has to take her Landseer to the vet for cruciate surgery...YIKES. She did send a couple of pics though. Maybe I'll post those. Michelle and I are going to visit with her tomorrow though so maybe I'll wait for my own pics. Have a wonderful day.
    Have you got a new avatar...............What a huge difference in size...........Like the picture, though i loved the previous, Ronnie
    Too funny! It amazes me how much Abbey looks like Tsunami. Are you sure they aren't brother and sister. Did you make a secret trip to Hungary and didn't tell anyone. Only 4 more weeks until Ty comes home....YIPPPEEEEE
    By the way, have you worked out the problem with Zeke? Just wondering. Have a great day.
    Hello, you hit the nail on the head...........It has been an idea of mine to start a small boarding kennel and dog training..........Sort of for retirement. We are training horses here at home and have a barn and Mike instructs riders/horses. Most horse people have dogs. And most of the dogs that land here with their owners are out of control :) So I am working at it. we used to run a dog kennel in the early eighties, five years, I miss it. But the main thing is I am having so much fun with Annabelle............She is such a doll nowadays and I am just so proud of her, wherever i take her..........Ronnie
    hey Abbey! Check out Ty's tatoo design....It's real! I about fell over today at the breeders.
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