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    Christmas Raffle to benefit INDR

    Just in time for Christmas...... A Gorgeous painting by our very own, Cindy Williams. ( winner may have to wrestle it out of my hands ) I think this is by far, her best work yet. Acrylic on canvas "Edison" ( As seen on page 50 of the latest NewfTide ) is a 16 by 20 canvas, overall with frame...
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    Pacific Northwest GTG.....Raffle items

    The tickets are $5.00 each or a book of 5 for $20.00 You can purchase just one or as many books as you'd like. Simple go to the INDR website: To purchase yours! ( Winners will have their prizes shipped free of charge ) Proceeds will be split between...
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    Rudy's First Thanksgiving

    As with most men, Rudy had to loosen the old belt a notch or two after a hearty Thanksgiving feast! Happy Thanksgiving to all of Newf Net!
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    Art, Sharon, Ian, Katala & Kilrain in Idaho (very picture heavy)

    The whole gang made it to our home Saturday morning for breakfast. The pups all got along with each other like they grew up together. I do think Kilrain had a bit of a crush on Abbey though, He LOVED to be near her!!! Ian with Katala and Kilrain: Sharon on the kitchen floor with 4 of the 5...
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    Pacific Northwest GTG

    I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in having a GTG in Leavenworth Washington sometime next summer. Leavenworth is a beautiful little town in the mountains of northern Washington.
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    Rudy goes Camping

    DH wanted to take one last camping trip to the mountains before the snow starts to fall. So for the last trip of the year, It was just the boys! It was a gorgeous weekend, And Rudy was ready for the challenge! This trip was full of firsts.........First time on the sand, first time in...
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    Pet doors

    I'm getting really, REALLY tired of getting up every 3 minutes to let one of the dogs out. I was wondering if anyone here has this door or one like it. And would you reccomend it............ Our current door is all glass ( plexy ) and...
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    Meet Rudy............

    Rudy and I got home Tuesday evening after 2 days and 1100 miles of traveling. He was a real trouper, and I got a cold from the air conditioner blasting full speed right on me. He, however, thought it was too warm in the car.....NEWFS! Here are a few pictures of Rudy as he settles into his new...
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    Rudolph Valentino....... I will be driving up to Canada August 18th to pick up my little Rudy.
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    Photo Challenge #203 LOOK, up in the sky

    …….it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s: A beautiful sunrise, a spectacular sunset. Fireworks, birds, air show or whatever is going on OFF the ground. Have some fun with this. The weekend should give you plenty of things to choose from. Challenge will end Friday, July 8th.
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    Who will be at the Michigan GTG?

    Please take a moment to respond to this with a ~Hi, I'm coming~ if you plan to attend. ( Even if it's for one day ) I'd like to know how many bags of marshmellows, boxes of graham crackers and chocolate bars I'll have to buy. There's nothing like a s'more topped off with Newfie
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    Mountain Saddles Ezekiel Rising....aka, Zeke

    October 27, 2007 - May 31, 2011 Forever in my heart.
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    Michigan GTG Goodies

    After Hours and Hours of hard work by everyone but me....:neener:, I'd like to introduce you to the latest and greatest in Newfie wear. This years theme is, "Flooger Fling Fest" ( Sharon ~sbyer~ came up with the name ) We had two wonderful Artists working endless hours to come up with just the...
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    Photo Challenge 185....Musical Memories

    After tossing and turning half the night, Here's an easy one. Title your picture with the title of a song. A few examples................... Patsy Cline, Crazy The Pointer Sisters, Jump Or, non-Newf Christopher Cross, Sailing Contest will go until Sunday, January 23rd. Have fun. ( Now...
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    We Need A Christmas Miracle

    And Newf Net is just the place to get one. You all know Eric Briggs ( Newfam ) He is currently serving his 4th deployment away from his family. Well, Eric is trying to get home for Christmas. He only has 4 days, and the weather over Germany isn't cooperating. So please join me in Praying for...