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  • That looks like a great place to be. annabelle and tessa love Sunday training, because they all get to play and rough-house with all the other dogs...........Ronnie
    eve since Mark Harmon portrayed Ted Bundy so realistically I can't watch him anymore. Keifer isn't good looking at all but the character is really HOT
    What'd I do?? its the truth!! Both of em right in front of the tv last night NOT looking at me but at the tv when 24 was on. I think MissP is in love with Jack Bauer..
    Sounds like you will get on top of it..............Annabelle and Tessa are so lucky that Mike works mainly from home. We do not have day care here for dogs, it sounds like such a fabulous idea. I hate leaving my guys alone too..............Hmmmm maybe a new venture for me :lol: (probably not)Ronnie
    Hi Teri, how is the big Boof, Zeke going.................Did he have a better morning "departure" or is he still sad..........Poor baby, it is so hard when they seem so sad when you leave. Annabelle always gives me "the Look", when I put on my uniform. But she is very quiet................I hope things are sorting themselves out.
    On a by line. Our Beechworth fire is now officially "contained". We have been told it will burn until about May (hopefully good rains). We had 60 USA firefighters arrive and most were from your lovely State of Idaho...........Take care Ronnie
    So did the Melatonin work? How was the trip to the mountains? WE GOT MORE SNOW TODAY! Yippeee, now if it will only stay cold enough so it won't melt before I get off work. I see more sledding in my future this afternoon. I might even break out the snowboard.

    I didn't get to visit with the breeder this week because of work, but she sent me some new pics of TY, oh boy is he a looker. Tsunami is going to have some competion with the ladies.
    Thanks! That was a great way to start my Sunday morning day shift at work. You are awesome!
    How is Zeke? Did the walks help? I got to thinking about it, you could try and give him some melatonin too. It's an herbal medication that you can find in most pharamcies that helps relax. We used it for our Great Dane in VA that had separation anxiety as well as other fears because she was so abused from previous owners. We got her through a rescue league and it took her 2 years to open up to us.
    Yeah, I'm about having a heart attack here! They said they just love him so much, raised him by hand, blah blah blah! They have not said for sure, they are just giving me a heads up, I guess. I can't believe it. They did this once before, then decided I 'was a good home for him. If I didn't want him so bad I'd say heck with it! I don't even know what to think or do.
    You aren't kidding about Tsunami and Abbey being twins...Abbey just got the whole bib instead of just the front. Got to love them Irish spotted.
    'HEY NOW! IT'S NOT NICE TO YELL AT OTHERS, unless they have been really really bad...okay so I've been sorry. Hey it snowed last night, so we are off to go sledding with the kids and Tsunami in the forest...should have some more pics tonight.
    You're right about that...the age thing I mean. We look damn good (ha) I wouldn't have cared if it got posted. Just a little embarrased..I'm pretty mouthy and bold but when it comes to pictures I'm the one who steps out of range.
    It's funny Teri, we get metal images of what people look like and I had you pegged. You're pretty even in a wetsuit and floofed up mist hair from rafting (hahaha)
    WOMAN!!! Stop that! ~snicker~ Yer killin me here. I have never liked seeing pics of myself. Thank goodness you didn't post this one out there again. It wa bad enough showing off P's graduation and hiping no onw would see me.
    Tsunami and Ty are in the photo section again!!! I'll try and get Tsunami out in the forest this either tomorrow or Friday for yah...picture nut! LOL
    Only us NN'rs would take pics of our dogs' buts Teri (ha)
    Mark is 6'10 I believe so that'll give you an idea of how tall Syd is. He's a big boy!! He weighed in at 142.9 last time we had his big ole butt on the scales.
    We are very happy that he's here to Teri. Palin and Sydney are inseperable most of the time. She is growing tall too...I can't wait until I can let them freeplay out back without worrying about her being too small.
    I'll bet P and Syd will end up about the same in size as your Abby and Zeke. Sounds like it anyway...
    Yeah I was thinking the same thing. The weather here hasn't been great and my work schedule has been no fun time for pictures. I'll try this weekend...we should have some white stuff on the ground...Tsunami's favorite.
    Thanks Teri!
    I've gorwn to really like Ronnie and have been so worried. i got a PM from her finally so I feel a little better (whew!)
    I appreciate the update.
    I am at work, sneaking in some time during a wait for a patient...............We have been hectic and this is sort of my lunch/break. Just reading all the caring messages. makes me want to :cry:.............It is so nice. it is kinda stressful here, but we are OK. One of our MRI tech's is actually a fireman and out there in the midle of it......Scary......She is just such a tiny petite little thing. We worry about her. It is only 5kms from my dog trainer. He is so cool about it all. i just hope he is going to be all right. it only takes a wind change. I told him we would pick-up his rottweilers and Staffies if need be.
    I think Annabelle know something is up. She is Super velcro girl at present. As I said before, I am so glad Mike is at home and with them the whole time. If ned be he can just take the dogs and go. We would just let our horses out in a very large bare pature. Dogs are the most important of all. I could not leave ours like some people have left theirs. Mike probably wouldn't even leave the horses. We do have our own trailer and friends trailer allready attached to the Truck and Jeep. That would take care of four. . Anyway sofar no worries...............i will keep checking in. Patient has just arrived, so i had better go back to my work...............Cheers Ronnie
    Don't panic............We are very well prepared. Cannons on our roof and clean around the house.Best thing is Mike is at home the whole time. We also live close to the fire brigade. We have a water tank on our truck and generator in place. In case of powerfailure, which would affect our water pumping. Thank you so much for caring. It gives a warm fuzzy feeling, having so many messages. Cheers Ron
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