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  • I just found your message re skype, not sure why/how i missed it.......Mike's brother tried something like it with us. The time difference became very difficult and this is after all a computer challenged person at this end :lol: Ronnie
    Hello again.............Katy is Abbey's Grand niece. That is why I wanted a pup of this lineage. She is soooo like her, it is just amazing, Ronnie
    I went away with Annabelle to an Instructor's Seminar.........So I was not home. Tessa is just sooooooooo adorable with her, lick the face,ears and mouth, I must get some pics. Tessa is bossy and like a Mom. Annabelle is like the big sister, very loving. Did you see the "Katy Did Friday" pictures?.

    Your Avatar is very special :heart:, Ronnie
    I wish I could, but this is the big weekend when everyone is picking up there babies. One is already gone, and we ship one to NJ tomorrow. I am a nervous wreck thinking about putting her on that plane alone. Dax is still here, I backed out of the deal to rehome him to a guy in Kalispell. I googled his cell phone and he came up with an ad for a motorcycle he had for sale that he posted on a really raunchy porn site that you have to be a member of to post an ad. Had his name and everything. You should have seen the avatars, I'm sure I have seen more of that man than I should have :0 I had already been paid by credit card for Dax, so I refunded his money and Sam left a message on his answering machine saying we couldn't give him up and we were keeping him. He called back to say as a kennel owner I was un-professional :)
    Thank you for posting that, you are so clever on the computer...........Ronnie
    Love your new avatar "equal billing" again :lol: And the plates are just great.........We would have to pay $450.00 a year to have those. And I refuse to give the government that for doing sweet nothing..........Ronnie
    I tried to tell you about it but I'm still having issues with the e-mail server damnit..
    I got another rejection notification again last night at 8:44.
    Then they would think I'm crazy and not do what I'm instructing them to do...and then a crash...and then I'd get in BIG trouble! We wouldn't want that.
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