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  • :dance01::dance01::dance01:Happy Birthday to my "Other" daughter!:dance01::dance01::dance01:
    Hi! We are getting there. You got moved up one because I'm sending it around domestically before it crosses the pond to the UK. The person it is with now needs to send it to one person, then it goes to you. It is very quick reading, so it shouldn't take too long!
    Hi Sunny!

    She is doing great...getting bigger and more mature. She sleeps out of the crate at night now and we have been leaving her in the kitchen when we go out for short errands. How is every with you?
    Hey Sunny!
    Everythings going great...just on a search for a new home in Savannah, Ga! So I havn't been on much lately. Tonic's doing well- He's still growing and acting crazy. How's big Jackson doing? Post some pictures! Talk to you later!
    Hope you guys had a great holiday! How is Jackson these days? I imagine he has gotten big.
    Hi Sunny!! :)

    Holly and I are doing well--thanks for asking!! Hope you and your family had a great Holiday!

    Holly was spayed a few months ago since her hips aren't very good but she's doing great--she's busy keeping the squirrels and chipmunks in check--they don't make a move without her knowing about it! LOL! She's a great girl and it's a shame her hips won't pass OFA, but she'll be a fantastic companion for my elderly father who loves her beyond belief. He just lost his one landseer girl, Jody, who just turned 7 in Sept to osteosarcoma in Oct--so Holly is good therapy for him, too. He loves her so much! How is Sokkia doing? Bet he's getting big!! I mayyyybe getting another landseer girl in a couple of months--we'll see! If so, I'll let you know! I do have a lovely black girl--Piper--who is 3 mos old today. She is out of a handsome black male--Council Cups Some Like It Hot aka Monroe and my girl, Berry. Will hopefully have Piper's page on my website as soon as I get some good pics of her!

    Think of you from time to time--glad you shot a note this way!

    Gotta run--Piper is wanting out. Take care and Happy New Year!!!!!!

    From our home to yours, A Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!
    Teri, Eric, Abbey and Zeke
    How is poor Marcus doing? Give him Hugs from his Aunt Teri. Please keep me informed.
    Love ya!
    Isn't this neat! I like the new message board. Hope you had a good weekend.
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