Tsunami and Typhoon send smiles


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Took some new pics today and had some fun playing around with them. Enjoy...

Original #1 Above.

Original #2 above.

Did alright with this one, but the one below is my absolute FAVORITE!!

Original # 3

Original # 4

And Original #5

Love messing around with pictures. I think I'll use some of these to make a new video....


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Great pictures of 2 very handsome boys.
I have recently become addicted to playing around with pictures of my boys too, it's so fun!


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There they are! I LOVE these two guys!!! Tsunami is getting even more striking, which I didn't think was possible and his lil bro isn't too shabby himself! I really need to get a camera. My cell phone does not take pictures like this!!


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Love the effect on their hair. It really makes each strand stand out.
Your subjects are just stunning!