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  • Hi Glory, so good to hear from you. I was just thinking of you the other night as I was walking Anya and wondering how Bentley is doing. I'm glad to hear he is healing so well. What are Dr. Jim's instructions?

    Anya is doing well. She will still have a slight limp when getting up but once up she appears to be walking with less of a limp...if any limp at all. There are times I think we could start going to the dog park but then I remember it has only been 3 1/2 months and to wait this out longer and not to rush things.

    As for this weekend, I am headed to Sparta on Friday then the Cranberry Festival on Saturday. I have a friend who lives near Sparta and I haven't been to visit her in a long, long time. I usually have had the dogs with me and she does not like dogs at all. So, I thought I will put the dogs in the kennel and spend some quality time with her.

    If you go to the dog walk, I hope the weather is perfect. We'll have that get-together soon!

    Bentley Is doing pretty good, but just like Ayna he limps a little when he gets up, I guess thats pretty normal, so if I let Bentley go up and down the steps he should be ok As long as its just for a little exercise?
    We still have to make a meeting date...................
    How funny! Here I was all excited that you might be getting a new puppy!!

    Anya's doing OK. I had to take her to the vet last week for her annual wellness exam. That vet moved her leg and knee around and said it seemed fine. She suggested doing steps to strengthen the leg but I don't have any but the two from the stoop and I don't know of anyone else with steps. And, the vet said when her dog had that surgery, it was a good four months for her dog to be able to return to normal activity. But, when getting up, Anya will still have a limp. Once she gets moving she does OK...but I can tell she will still favor it. Sept. 14 will be 3 months.

    How is Bentley doing?
    Just checked out the site. Unfortunately, I have plans to be in Sparta that weekend. I'll be visiting a friend who lives there and attending the Warren's Cranberry Festival. I hate when there are multiple events going on the same weekend and other weekends...nothing.

    Anya is still limping along. It's been two month since the surgery so I don't know if that's normal. She'll walk OK once she gets moving but its the getting up. I keep reminding myself this could go on for six months.

    I found some steps at Fleet Farm that I thought Anya would use to get in and out of the van (because she hates that ramp) but she didn't like those either. So, I'll take those back today.

    Another thought for a get-together...on Sept 15 or 16 is the NCNC water test in Pleasant Prairie. I went there a couple of years ago for just a few hours. It was fun to watch the water trials. We could ride down together and spend some time watching. Let me know what you think.

    Yes we did, Bentley waded in the water up to his neck and roamed around for about one hour, Belle swam like a fish, We walk every night after dark and I am increasing the distance every week,and walk a little faster each time but he is doing well too,I am glad all is going good with Anya.
    Anya is doing well. I was tempted to take her north last weekend but then thought of her wanting to chase with my brother's lab and discussed with Dr. Jim and he said no...too soon. But, we have gone for very short walks...to the corner and back...just to get her out. This morning because it was cooler, we did go around the block.

    Did you get your dogs swimming yesterday? I saw your post on FB.
    I think it was you that posted about some newfie jewelry??? If it wasn't then I do apologize. I can't find the original thread, so that tells you about my 'puter savvy!

    Anyway, Connie Hatt: chatt1@nbnet.nb.ca

    Hi Glory,
    I sure do remember you. How nice of you to send me a note. Hope things are well.
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